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Can you please get more photos of lochte up on here?

do you guys want me to?

Is Ryan still going to stay in Florida after these games are over? I heard he wanted to move to LA :( I have yet to meet him and I live in Florida. I wish he'd stay.

i am not sure yet but i live close to LA so id rather have him here~ please dont hate me

Of course there's sex going on at the Olympics. There are free condoms for the athletes in the Olympic Village, and at the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver they had a condom shortage. lol


How can someone be so amazingly hot as he, he beats all men in this galaxy!!!
ugh, you're killing me x) the is, hands down, the sexiest male alive. and those ugly ladies ( i am respectful so i didnt call them sluts, which they are ) are fucking his sacret body. god better stop me from getting in the 1st flight to London


I read that article a few weeks ago and all I could think of is that whoever gets the swimmers is very very lucky. Damn, should've kept up with gymnastics. Are you excited for tomorrow's race or are you excited for tomorrow's race? :D

i knoow!  OH GOD you totally should have


i mean, it's not fair lol. here we are, cheering everyday for them, staying up late at night to watch them and they ( the female athletes ) disrespect the temple that is our baby's body, lol. But then i understand him/them : they are all that testosterone and adrenaline rushing trough those perfects, sexy, manly bodies. i'm deeply sexualy frustrated

ahahahahaha sexual fustration let me add to that